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Harmony Heart is a ministry of Camp Comanche, Inc., devoted to providing at-risk children from urban areas a safe place to experience God and Christian community through the unique and powerful camping experience.

Twice the Impact

Our Campers Summer 2014

Our Campers Summer 2014

When not serving our children through our summer program Camp Comanche, Harmony Heart is now open for facilities rentals from August 8th to July 5th. When you hold your event at Harmony Heart, you will be making twice the impact. Your support goes towards helping children and youth from disadvantaged environments. Camp Comanche, Inc. the operator of Harmony Heart, has been ministering to inner city kids for over 30 years. By providing camping experience and a chance to escape the urban pressures, our kids can learn about important values, social skills, team work and most importantly their worth and identity in God’s eyes. The success of this ministry can be seen in the progression over the years of the campers returning as camp counselors and productive adults in our community. ¬†Thank you for partnering with Harmony Heart and Camp Comanche! We are located in Scott Township, Lackawanna County, PA, across from Heart Lake. If you have any further questions about our facilities or rental information, please contact Jaycee Davis de Pilpe at jaycee@harmonyheartcamp.org. To read more our mission and programs visit the about us page.


If you would like a camp brochure, contact us at 570.254.6272 or click here to print one: Camp Brochure