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Harmony Heart is a ministry of Camp Comanche, Inc., devoted to providing at-risk children from urban areas a safe place to experience God and Christian community through the unique and powerful camping experience.

Twice the Impact

Our Campers Summer 2014

Our Campers Summer 2014

The work never ends. We are proud and glad to report that we have ad a monumental year so far. Our children’s programs have grown by leaps and bounds, this Summer alone we ran two sessions of two weeks each we provided meals, activities and classes for our kids. We are projecting growing by 20% for next summer. Now that the summer is clearly over and after a successful fall season with our youth group program and retreat we are gearing up to close this year right and prepare for the next year with great expectations. Next year we will introduce new classes during the spring, as a summer program, a fall follow up program and winter retreats. We are blessed to have the camp to be able to offer it to the children and their families, but we can not do this without your support. The winter months are the most financially difficult months due to heating and winter conditions. Support us financial, with monthly contribution. All donations help.


If you would like a camp brochure, contact us at 570.254.6272 or click here to print one: Camp Brochure