Credit Despite Debt Switzerland

Also on the Internet there are credit cost comparisons. offered with the following keywords: “instant loan”, “without credit check” or “despite operation”. The residence permit can also be quite difficult to impossible.

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Switzerland works despite debt in Germany (work)

Switzerland works despite debt in Germany (work)

The one who has debts does not get a loan, at least not a serious one. With a residence permit, it can be quite difficult to impossible. A residence permit is only given to those who earn enough and get on with themselves. Added to this is the question of the apartment, which is also not recognizable in the debt. He will not get a loan here …..

In Switzerland it is not so easy to have a job. Even if he could get a loan, he would be a fool if he did that with debt. At least not this size, and to buy an expensive vehicle. Shopping clothes on the Internet, yes or no?

Emigrate despite debt? 

Emigrate despite debt? Reports on the

Is it possible to emigrate despite debt? Let them be paid by the pension funds, the debts settled and then emigrated. You can also register personal bankruptcies and then immigrate. Can I get the PK paid out after the emigration? Yes, absolutely avoid the newspaper ads! Unfortunately my husband and I fell for it. My husband was unemployed a few years ago and that’s why we got into debt. In doing so, we set out to find a solution.

But then we have an agreement with the creditors and pay off the debts in installments. Not a lot every day, but mainly we pay. Please avoid newspaper ads! If your debt has disappeared from memory due to illness or accident, you may be forgiven part of it …..

Please avoid newspaper ads for debt repayment! But I do not want to run away and not pay the debts. The fact is that my husband is not a Swede, will soon be out of Switzerland and wants to return to his country of origin, where he can work. Of course I want to go with him, but of course legally and not just run away!

Take time to get advice on how to reduce your debts …… You will be better looked after there than by private repayment institutions.